Weightloss Ritual Spell Oil

Weightloss Ritual Spell Oil

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☾The only Weightloss Oil you will ever need!

☾This carefully crafted ritual oil allows you to manifest your ideal body and weight using specially handpicked herbs and oils scientifically proven to:

💖Fights cravings
💖Boosts metabolism
💖Promotes mental balance and lifts mood
💖Lowers stress which is often linked to weight gain in the stomach

These oils smell good, but they are not to be confused with fragrance or diffuser oils, they are made with the pure plant essence to draw out their magical and health properties.

Size: 2oz

☾The powerful energies of this oil promotes weightloss and a slimmer physical appearance! Includes our special blend of Rootworker curated herbs and oils for attracting a healthier, more attractive figure to you. These are made in small batches. The oil is blessed with our intentions to draw out the manifesting powers of this oil so it can work for you. This product is ready for immediate use.

*Tips* Be sure to ALWAYS practice spiritual hygiene, and cleanse yourself before using this oil. This can be done with sage. Speak your intentions clearly and specifically. Remember, gratitude and attitude are extremely important, everything you want is ALREADY YOURS.

This oil can be used in a myriad of ways, including:

✨Anointing the chakra points during meditation
✨Massage a few drops into your stomach ex. on your stomach, behind your ears or wrists
✨Adding a few drops of it to your bath
✨Apply a few drops on yourself before a date
✨There are multiple ways to use this oil, not limited to what is written here. (Always do a patch test on a small area of the body before using the oil on yourself. This oil is NOT to be ingested, and for EXTERNAL use only.)

Mantras and Affirmations to Help You When Manifesting With Weightloss Oil:
“I have the perfect body."
"I am beautiful/handsome.”
"I am at my ideal weight and it feels amazing."
"I fit into all the clothes I like and I look amazing even when not wearing anything."
"People always compliment my appearance."

☾If you’re ready to level up your appearance then add this oil to your cart. We can’t wait to help you manifest and draw to you what you deserve.

☾When not in use keep this oil stored in a cool dark place! 6 month shelf life

**Legal disclaimer: AwakenedYou sells this product as a curio. We do not guarantee particular results, or magical properties and is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, illnesses or disease, nor replace medical treatment. This product is to be used for entertainment purposes only. All sales are final.