About Us


AwakenedYou is a self-care and lifestyle brand, focused on providing the highest quality products to add luxury to your days, and help you manifest your best life! We specialize in manifestation/ritual oils and accessories, elixirs to increase your health and vibration, and delicious, handpicked loose leaf teas sourced from all over the world!

Our company is passion-project of a Canadian-Jamaican family of many talents, including a holistic healer who reversed her type-2 diabetes using our herb mixes, and her daughters who are not only lifestyle enthusiasts, but powerful long practicing rootworkers, and talented artists. We started our shop after rave reviews from friends, family, and local clients, as a way to offer our services and products to the world. We've always wanted to help people manifest their desires and heal them in mind, body, and spirit using the energies and natural resources found in Mother Nature. The internet has given us an avenue to do so.

About Our Teas and Oils

AwakenedYou only offers the highest quality organic ingredients in both our signature ritual oils, elixirs and our loose leaf teas. In fact, our manufacturer has a strong relationship with farmers globally, so we are fortunate enough to bring to you herbs from organic farms that are ethically sourced. 

Teas and oils are so powerful, detoxifying, calming and healing on a physical and emotional level, especially when used together. And sustainability, healthy living, social responsibility are at the core of our company.

So feel confident when purchasing from us, and knowing that we only provide the best quality products, and products that we use ourselves.