New Moon Kit  | New Moon Gifts | New Moon Bath Kit Gifts for her. Mother's Day Gift Full Moon

New Moon Kit | New Moon Gifts | New Moon Bath Kit Gifts for her. Mother's Day Gift Full Moon

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For centuries, it's been believed that the New Moon, also known as the dark moon, is a wonderful time each month for setting your intentions for the months ahead, and for bringing new energies and new opportunities into your life.

This New Moon kit is filled with supplies for your next New Moon ritual. Consider this the perfect kit to help you create your own unique New Moon ritual. This kit comes with a specially chosen herbal mix, a white candle, black protection salt, a piece of tumbled labradorite, and a crescent moon charm.

Use this mix in one of many ways, including: as a smudge to burn, to dress the included candle using your favorite oil, or you can pour the herb mix and salts into the pouch and soak in a soothing, relaxing and energizing new moon ritual bath.

Contains 100% natural ingredients like: Rose petals, mullein, juniper berry, specially chosen essential oils, pure sea salt

Note: For External Use Only!

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