Mango Tango: Perfect Tea Iced Tea

Mango Tango: Perfect Tea Iced Tea

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🍵Mango Tango: Made of mangos, apples, elderflowers for sweetness and other delicious herbs and fruits, this tea smells and tastes amazing! Its sweet, fruity and crisp - green rooibos-based blend is the perfect, refreshing drink on a warm Spring or Summer day! Our Mango Tango is so delicious that it easily replaces unhealthy, store-bought juices. In fact, it's kid-approved! Enjoy it cold or hot! This drink is naturally caffeine-free so you can enjoy it anytime of day without the caffeine's side effects. 


Green rooibos, mango pieces, ginger root, apple pieces, chamomile, elder flowers, stevia, rose petals*, natural organic essences

Available sizes:

- Sampler pouch 25g
- Half size pouch 50g
- Full size pouch 100g

Caffeine Content: None

Antioxidant level: High

Preparation: Take approx. 1 tsp of loose leaf tea and steep in water for 5 minutes (longer if desired). Add ice, lemon or lime, and mint leaves for a divinely refreshing drink. Can be enjoyed warm too!  

Tips: The longer you let the tea steep it in, the stronger the tea tastes. You can remove the tea from the water with a tea ball, or strainer to save for future use. 

Try it as an iced tea drink too!