Royal Cream Earl Grey | Bridgerton-Inspired Collection

Royal Cream Earl Grey | Bridgerton-Inspired Collection

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🍵Royal Cream Earl Grey: If you've never tried this version of Earl Grey tea you are truly missing out! This tea is one of 4 of most popular, luxury loose leaf tea blends inspired by the hit show, Bridgerton. It's a luxurious and smooth blend of black tea, bergamot and a rich sweet cream flavor. And it smells amazing!

Pairs well with citrusy desserts to bring out the distinctive floral and citrus complexities in the tea. Try a slice of lemon loaf, or a slice of berry pie, if drinking your tea with milk and honey, a shortbread, or a scone are also good pairings here.

Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, cornflowers, natural organic flavors

Available sizes:

- Sampler pouch 25g
- Half size pouch 50g
- Full size pouch 100g

Caffeine Content: Medium - High

Antioxidant level: Very High

Preparation: Boil 6 -8oz of water. Take approx. 1 tsp of loose leaf tea and steep in water for 2-5 minutes. Pour tea into your favorite cup with milk and sweetener of your choice. We like non-dairy milks like almond or oat milk, and maple syrup or honey as a sweetener. 

Tip: The longer you let the tea steep it in, the stronger the tea tastes. You can remove the tea from the water with a tea ball, or strainer to save for future use.